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Patient Testimonials

“It’s so good to be able to hear again. Dr. Blackburn takes such good care of me and makes certain that everything is working properly. She is very thorough. ASC is the best.”


“I have been going to ASC for 6 years and I’m completely satisfied with the hearing aids that I have received. I am on my third set of hearing aids that get better and better over the years….. not just because the hearing aids are increasing the electronic ability to fine tune the frequencies that I can’t hear otherwise. The ability to have different programs for different places is a must and the sensitivity…… is great for wind noise elimination. I send anyone I can to ASC because they are the only ones that I trust.”


“For years I had been asking people to repeat what they said or guess….the wrong word! The day I received my hearing aids I started wearing them all my waking hours. What a difference in my life of hearing they make! The clarity in phone conversations is wonderful. To be able to understand those speaking up from on a platform or on TV across the room was amazing. I didn’t realize how long it had been since I heard the birds in the yard until I started wearing my hearing aids. A special bonus to using the hearing aids…..I don’t notice the ringing in my ears so much!”


“Your state of the art Bluetooth technology has been a tremendous help with my business and my personal life. Dr. Ruppert was very knowledgeable, thorough and compassionate. I can even connect through my hearing aids to television and land line telephone. I highly recommend the doctors and staff at ASC. “


“I want to say how happy I am with my new hearing aids! Dr. Pendrick did a remarkable job in helping to diagnose my hearing problems and selecting the proper equipment for me to be able to perform my job duties.

I travel constantly and my hearing had diminished to less than 50%. I could not hear my co-workers and our customers who relied on me for accuracy in their product applications we manufacture for their equipment. Now that is truly a thing of the past. I have seen a drastic improvement in my job performance directly due to my hearing aids. I now also have a Bluetooth enabled system from ASC that Dr. Pendrick custom matched to my hearing aids. What a great invention, phone calls are a breeze in any location and I hear every detail crystal clear

I am truly one satisfied customer and feel the sky is the limit with the personalized service I was given by ASC and Dr. Pendrick.”


“Dr. Blackburn took the time to allow me to test several different models before selecting. She answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable with the process and my decision.

I really did not want to consider a hearing aid but knew that I needed them so when a friend suggested that I talk with Dr. Blackburn I reluctantly did. Dr. Blackburn offered several treatment options and spent time explaining them thoroughly. I never felt pressured to “purchase” something but knew she was there to help me. Dr. Blackburn and the staff have been more helpful since then. It was a decision that improved my life.

I am kind of hard on things (like hearing aids) and a touch vain so Dr. Blackburn helped me select hearing aids that were practically invisible and yet were able to handle the tough environment I put them in. She allowed me to test several models to determine what features fit my needs. I don’t feel like a customer but more like a welcomed guest when I return to ASC for follow up. Sue greets me at the door and Dr. Blackburn takes all the time necessary to answer my questions and make sure the hearing aids are meeting my needs. I am so happy I selected ASC for my hearing aids.”


“Audiological Service of Cadillac, you are great, easy to find, friendly service with in depth testing explained in my terms. My new hearing aids are top quality brand name and made to fit me. I am very happy with Audiological Services of Cadillac and the products they offer me”. KF

“Thank you to the staff of Audiological Services of Cadillac for helping me hear what I didn’t know I was missing. The staff is extremely professional and thorough and I have recommended several people to the office for hearing analysis. It is always a pleasant experience dealing with everyone.”


“I have only high praises for Sharon and everyone at ASC. It is like your family. Everyone is happy to see you. They take time with you. My hearing aids are great. I am a receptionist and I really could not do my job without them. Thank you Sharon:).”

- BE

“My son is bilaterally hearing impaired post-secondary to bacterial meningitis at age 2 years 3 months. He is now 28 years old and has worn hearing aids for all of these years.

My son is also autistic and has difficulty with changes. In the past, getting new hearing aids has sometimes been a difficult adjustment.

When Sharon fit my son with new digital hearing aids; he was not very receptive at first. The digital hearing aids are a different color than his previous hearing aids, they don’t turn on and off like his previous hearing aids and the adjustment settings on the digital hearing aids are also different that the previous hearing aids.

Sharon tried a pair of digital aids on my son, he said that they weren’t very good. Sharon let my son wear the demo digital hearing aids home to try them out. We left our appointment with Sharon and were about 15-20 miles south of Cadillac. My son turned to me in the car and started talking to me in a lengthy conversation. He was non-stop talk. He said he liked his new hearing aids.

I could tell that my son was hearing sounds/things with the digital hearing aids that he wasn’t accustomed to hearing. The digital hearing aids that Sharon fit to my son have had a significant, positive impact on him being better able to hear the world he lives in.

Sharon is very patient and kind with her patients. She has worked with my son since he was 3 years old. My son has not always been the easiest patient for Sharon to work with – bus she has always made the best of whatever the situation has been. We feel very lucky and blessed to have found an audiologist like Sharon Blackburn to work with my son.”


"My husband, being deaf, has gone to ASC for years and was always happy with the caring attention he has always received. It was only natural when I had a hearing loss that I go there also. It is comforting to know that when I call I don't have to push 2 for English and 5 to talk to a person. I get the same personal attention that my husband has always received. It is great to know that in this age of electronics that there are people that actually care how this difficult time of hearing loss is handled. Thank you ASC".


"I have been extremely happy with the treatment I have received from Dr. Blackburn. She has always been very supportive and willing to go the "extra mile" to see that I was 100% satisfied with the products she has suggested for me. Dr. Blackburn would fit me into her schedule as soon as she could to remedy any problems that I was experiencing with her products. If she did not know the answer to the problems, she would call the company to search for answers to remedy the problem. She would also make sure that I understood how the product functions and would ask if I had any questions during our visits. I would recommend without any reservations Dr. Blackburn's professional service to anyone interested with hearing loss."