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Hearing Aids and Tinnitus/ Tinnitus Masking Devices

Hearing Aids

Optimum hearing and speech understanding are vital components for best quality of life in all facets in our lives, from newborn to adult.

More than 28 million Americans have some form of hearing loss.

Noise exposure is one of the leading causes of hearing loss.

A mild hearing loss can cause a child to miss as much as 50% of classroom discussion.

Studies have demonstrated that the earlier infants/children are identified with hearing loss and remediated, the more like they are to reach their full potential for success with speech/language /academic achievement.

Cognitive abilities in older adults with hearing loss have been shown to decline faster than in older adults with less impaired hearing.

Hearing aids are unique medical devices suited for individual hearing loss requiring expert care. When hearing aids are recommended, our professional, doctoral staff matches the features and benefits of hearing aid style and technology to the lifestyle and budget of each patient.

We maintain expert knowledge and training with multiple hearing aid manufacturers as every patient and their hearing loss is unique and “one size does not fit all.”

Patients are extensively and thoroughly counseled to the benefits and limitations of the various hearing aid styles and circuits (see below).

All patients enjoy a complete and minimum 30 day trial period with all hearing aid product with minimal non-refundable fees if the desired benefit is not achieved. Several follow up appointments are scheduled within the trial period to insure proper handling, use and performance.

In house payment plans with no financing charges is available for all patients and major credit cards are accepted.

We employ evidenced based practices for hearing aid benefit verification utilizing Probe Microphone (SpeechMapping) testing, Speech In Noise Testing (QuickSIN) as well as aided and unaided sound field measurements.

We strongly encourage all potential hearing aid candidates to consider hearing aid product with t-coils that can significantly enhance speech clarity in those induction loop environments (please see scanned and attached Grand Rapids Press article that we have copied and have available to our patients).

Tinnitus/Tinnitus Masking Devices

Tinnitus is a symptom that is characterized as abnormal, subjective, hissing, roaring, whistling or other sound in the ears/head.

It affects approximately 15% of the US population and is most often accompanied by hearing loss.

Patients presenting with tinnitus undergo an initial complete hearing evaluation to rule out functional etiologies.

Tinnitus maskers, hearing aids and/or combination devices such as hearing aid/tinnitus maskers are commended when appropriate.

Our doctoral staff employs evidenced based practices for pitch, loudness and minimum masking level measurements to assist in determining best product and programming of the devices for each patient and their needs.

Tinnitus questionnaires are completed and obtained to also assist in determining best device selection as well as in aiding in thorough and realistic counseling.

Trial periods and payment plans are available with all of these products.